South Park Studios Chat with Matt and Trey
May 10, 2001

SouthParkStudios_Host: Hey everyone! Welcome to the chat. Tonightís very special guests, Matt Stone & Trey Parker, are the creators of South Park and Thatís My Bush!

Trey: Hey everybody it's Trey, where the hell is Matt?

themac: If you were a pie, what flavor would you be?
Trey: Oh no. I hate pie. I hate things that have no texture. I'm much more a cake person than a pie person. The texture of pie makes me want to vomit.

wisp777: What are the new episodes of South Park going to be like? And when will they be on?
Trey: June 20th is the first week and there are going to be 8 new episodes. And they're going to be really, really funny.

SouthParkStudios_Host: Matt has just joined us!

wild4sp: What else is on Matt and Trey's "To Do" List, either together or separate?
Trey: I'm going to get drunk in Vegas tonight and Matt's going to stay home sick tonight.
Matt: I have a cold because we just finished That's My Bush! and it never fails that one of us gets sick. I'm supposed to be in Vegas with Trey getting drunk.
Trey: Short term is tonight I'm going to get drunk. Long term is tomorrow night I'm probably going to get drunk.

CmdrStan: Will Stan and Wendy ever kiss? I think they should.
Trey: They did kiss. They've kissed at least four times that i can think of and in one episode they had sex but you didn't see it.
Matt: I can't remember the exact episode, but all the other people were at the bus stop and if you look really closely you can see them behind the trees. If you're dumb enough to look you deserve to lose that much of your life.

gobbles_freak: How did u get the idea for Timmy?
Trey: He was something we wanted in the "tooth fairy" episode. We needed a way to pull kenny's tooth so we had a handicapped kid.
Matt: Before the show ever aired Trey and I loved Timmy before he was in a show. Before the tooth fairy show even aired we had already decided to have one full episode because Timmy was just a part of that one episode. We had to fight with Comedy Central just to put in that one joke they thought it was offensive and know they market Timmy dolls.

chronichallietosis: Why was Robert Smith chosen to defeat Barbra Streisand?
Trey: Cuz Robert Smith kicks ass and Barbra Streisand sucks.
Matt: Duh. Couldn't you figure that out?

Knightrevealed: Do ya'll watch any japanese animation?
Matt: Yeah, some. I don't think we're huge Japanese animation freaks but we'll watch it if we can't get drunk. Like I might watch some tonight. if it's on the TV between two large pairs of breasts.

southparkcheerleader: Are the rumors true that you are married Trey?
Trey: *laughs* That's really, really funny. I'm as unmarried as any man can be. I'm married to my beer.

jeanniek: Will DVDA ever put out an album, you guys rock
Trey: Yeah, as soon as we get all this TV crap out of the way.
Matt: We might some day because we have at least a half an album's worth of material ready.
Trey: We already know six people who would buy the album and that's $60 right there.

GoD iS MaDe oF cRacKeRs1417: What was the original name for South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut?
Trey: South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose.
Matt: The MPAA wouldn't let us have hell in the title. There were movies like "Hellraiser" and "Hell's Angel" and we brought it up and they said it was a new rule because it was an animation.

Punky Lou: this is a dumb question, but in baseketball were you really naked in front of yasmine bleeth?
Trey: Everyday.
Matt: We had those little things on, didn't we?
Trey: Oh yeah, I think they call them cock socks.
Matt: We didn't care but we had to wear them because we couldn't show her our dick.

dclarke: Which of you did the Extasy research for the Bush episode?
Matt: We both did the research.
Trey: We've both done our share of ecstacy research.

JudyLuft: Are you really banned from the Oscars?
Trey: I don't think not officially, but they definitely will never invite us again.
Matt: We're not officially banned, no.

Earl_the_Yak: How do you guys write the episodes for your shows? Is it like a huge brainstorming session?
Trey: It's more like a brain tickle.
Matt: yeah, lately.
Trey: It's always the same - just like college: we wait til the last minute and then do it.
Matt: When we work we work and when we party we party, but we don't do them at the same time.

Selannia: All we ever hear about in the news are the numerous nubile and hot (and rather top-heavy) females plastered over Trey's life like bugs on a windshield. What about Matt? I mean, come on. The hair, the drummer cool factor, tall and lean, cool glasses. Matt is all that and a bag of chips. Where is the scandal for the Stone man?
Trey: Matt's a fucker.
Matt: So there's to your shitty question.

zamboni666: Comedy Central 'Standards and Practices' seem to give you guys a lot of space (relatively)... Are they tougher on South Park or Bush and why?
Trey: Have you watched MTV lately? We don't do shit.
Matt: They're tougher the other way around.
Trey: Because That's My Bush! is live action and uses real people and there can be legal problems.

Bugsyboy8887: Has George Bush ever seen Thats My Bush, or commented on the show?
Matt: We haven't heard anything. He used to call us all the time. We did hear through the grapevine that Ben Stein talked to Karl Rove who said and I quote "I haven't seen it but I've heard it's not that bad." So that's reassuring.

DaCMi: Acclaim released 3 pretty sucky South Park games, but now their contract has run out and Comedy Central is looking for new publishers. Any idea whats happening with this? Will we be seeing a new game soon?
Trey: We hate those games more than anybody. Matt and I are both big gamers and we were so disappointed by those games it really sucked.
Matt: It's a really complicated thing making video games but we're going to see if we can't make the next one better but there are a lot of factors involved so we'll see. We're going to push for an R rated game.

crystal_fiverx: I read the second playboy interview, where trey was really going off on weed and weed smokers - are you guys really that against it?
Trey: It's not that I'm against it it's just that everyone assumes that I'm a big weed smoker and I'm not. It happens to be the one drug that everyone seems to do everyday and as soon as you're doing it everyday that's what ruins you. I think that there are a lot better drugs out there... Matt and Trey, I am aware that you just finished shooting the last episode of That's My Bush! last Friday (or 2 ago?). Do you have plans to create a second season of the show? Or are you restricted not to say anything by Comedy Central Legal... (I bet they're holding a gun to your head as we speak...)
Matt: We finished shooting on Saturday actually. We'd love to come back and do more but the truth is we don't know yet. The network hasn't looked at the ratings and figure out if they want to do more. We probably won't know for another month or two - that's what my guess would be.

JasPerry: How do you feel about your music being available on Napster (RIP).
Trey: The more people that hear it that's all I really care about but then again I'm not looking to make a living off of it.

Catpoo: Have you got any plans to introduce a new character/characters closely associated to the main 4 in season 5?
Matt: We don't know yet.
Trey: We have new characters almost every week. We want to focus more on the main four and get more into their lives.
Matt: We definitely want to do another Terrence and Phillip show because everybody hates them.
Trey: To those 3 Terrence and Phillip fans - we're doing more for you.

LianneTheHorse: hey guys!! wanna come drinking with me at my college???
Matt: Mmm....yes.
Trey: It might be illegal. And you might wake up dead.
Matt: I have an allergic reaction to colleges.

weirdalcrazy666: Have either of you you ever met the president?
Matt: No. Our producer Ann Garafino used to work at the White House and she's met Clinton, Bush Sr. and Reagan.
Trey: She had sex with all three of them.
Matt: Not all three. Just Reagan and Bush Sr.

fuge: are you two guys liberal or conservative? me and my freinds have had debates about this.
Trey: We avoid extremes but we hate liberals more than conservatives and we hate them.
Matt: I hate conservatives but I really fucking hate liberals.

nicoled349: Have you ever watched South Park in another language? What did you think of it?
Trey: It's hard to understand.
Matt: Japanese, German, French...
Trey: Actually, the "Uncle fucker" in French is one of my favorite things. In most of the countries where they dub it, it really has nothing to do with what they're saying.

grapeFanta: What do you 2 think about Abortion?
Matt: Love it! LOOOOOOOVE it!!! it goes nice with a little red win sauce.
Trey: I love music and I love abortion. Hawaii, music and abortion.

Foulmouth: How does South Park get screwed out of an Emmy every year?
Matt: The Simpsons win and in case you don't watch it - it's better than South Park. That's why we don't go anymore - because we're sick of losing to the Simpsons.

stanmarsh14: It was reported that Eminem was doing a SP show. Is there any truth to this?
Trey: We heard that too. We read that in the paper too. He's just trying to ride our coattails.

jlwatson79: Have you met any of the actors you make fun of after the shows, ie Barbra Streisand, Wynonna Ryder, etc.?
Trey: Yes. We always run into people like Scott Baio and John Stamos.
Matt: I was at a party the other night with Matt Damon and he said that winona Ryder was so fuckin pissed off. She called the office.
Trey: She's a bitch She's the cunt-covered-cunt Queen of Culver City.

Disco Stu: Hey, how'd you guys meet Isaac Hayes and get him to play chef? Oh and will we be seeing more Underpants Gnomes?
Matt: When we got the contract to do the pilot we had the Chef character and we wanted to do his voice but the network said that was cool for a little white guy to do a big black guy's voice. We came up with a list of names with Barry White, Lou Rawis and Issac Hayes and Isaac was the only one who was really interested.
Trey: And Erkel.
Matt: and Erkel...

jasonbondshow: I saw you on the A&E Month Python special. What is your fav Python scene?
Trey: Confuse a Cat. This cat won't move or do anything and they put on a big play and try and confuse it into moving. It cuts from them doing really fucked-up stuff to the cat just blinking. And if you watch South Park half the time it's just blinking.
Matt: the fish slapping dance.

RonnieDobbs: How different would That's My Bush be if Gore won the election?
Trey: I have no idea what it would be like. We didn't know what That's My bush was going to be like until it aired. After each episode we had a better idea of what each show would be. It would have had a lot more homo-eroticism in it.
Matt: so in that way it would have been better.

Ynoxas: Besides the money, what would be the one biggest change in your life between now and pre-South Park?
Trey: No time.
Matt: We had tons of time before South Park. No money, tons of time.
Trey: And now we have lots of money and no time.
Matt: I'm not sure which one is better.

Stan: Are there any South Park episodes that weren't allowed on TV?
Matt: No.
Trey: There was one idea we've wanted to do for a long time about a certain cult and we kind of were scared to do it but we're going to do it this time coming up.

DoctorWho8: I have a tape of you guys at last year's Academy Awards and you were interviewed by Joan Rivers. Right behind was Phil Collins. What that a bizzare experience?
Trey: He was glaring at us the whole time. he was pissed.
Matt: He did NOT like us.
Trey: He's a little dwarf midget bitch

themac: is there anything you haven't done yet that you really want too?
Matt: Lots of stuff. ...No, I'm pretty much all done. That's about it for me.
Trey: There are two girls that I still really want to have sex with. Once I do that then I'm done.

bippy: What's your favorite South Park episode:
Matt: Terrence and Phillip: Not Without My Anus.
Trey: Not Without My Anus.

Wilco: Trey: do you remember the fat belgian who fell asleep at your b-day party ?Well...hello
Trey: Yeah, I remember you remember what I did to you while you were asleep?

Ahrinak: How did you decide the names for timmy, kenny and the other children?
Trey: It's the first name that pops up into your head. the only one that was based on anyone was Cartman whose last name is Carpman.
Matt: Other than that they're just all kind of generic I think.

Ynoxas: Did you guys have to do a massive re-write because of MPAA? It seemed the movie was written knowing it was going to be controversial.
Trey: Well, we changed the things that the MPAA made us change, but we always changed them for the worse. Story-wise nothing changed.
Matt: We changed things story-wise because we wanted to change them not because of anything they wanted us to do.

evrclear79: Hey Trey and Matt, any advice for a film major/writer?
Trey: Make films and write. That's what we did.

VannaBanana: What was the most difficult SP Episode to write?
Matt: Probably one of the christmas episodes.
Trey: Yeah, the Christmas eipsodes because we're always try to out do the others.

TheOrgazmicCannibal: trey will we see another indie movie from you? if so will it be orgazmo 2? WIll dian bacher be in it?
Trey: If we do another film it's going to be Baseketball 2 and we need a budget of about 150 million dollars and it's going to be a drama filmed in Spain.
Matt: and Dian is going to be the King of Spain.
Trey: he's going to play my bitch He's going to be a fetus so he doesn't have to wear any makeup.

TheSpiritOfXmas: I heard something about an aborted project called the fuzzies, is this something you guys were thinking of doing? if so can you shed some light on the idea of the whole thing?
Trey: It's just a very early script I wrote for Paramount when i was 24. They were going to make it into a movie but that's right when South Park got picked up so I decided to do South Park instead and I'm pretty glad I did.

fyrcracker: Trey, is that really your penis that we see in the outtakes and the end of BASEketball?
Trey: Where? ...Yes, yes it is. But that's when I'm soft - it's bigger when I'm hard.

addicted2tv: I loved Thats My Bush last night. Were you creating that show a way to extend your political views in comedic form, at all?
Trey: *laughs* No we never do that.
Matt: what are you talking about?

Trey: They're pretty used to it by now. They know they should just not be watching if they're going to be offended.
Matt: Most of our audience are parents now. We have very few kids watching the show - they're all almost over 18.

Antspants: Hey, which bands do you dig? do you like marilyn manson? Papa Roach? Disturbed? Queen? Black Sabbath?
Matt: On that list I only like Black Sabbath - all those other bands suck. they suck worse than suck. Suck as bad as Black Sabbath rules the world.

Sirimo: You mentioned that you are both big gamers.. what are your favorite games?
Trey: Deus-Ex.
Matt: I love Serious Sam. total shooter - just shoot 'em up. It's pretty fun.

SporkMasterZero: Matt and Trey, I was wondering where you draw your character ideas from, such as "Little Squeak Scolari, the boys from South Park.
Trey: We got the idea for Squeak just looking at Dian. just remember that we didn't write Baseketball. As far as the South Park characters - they were just little guys that I had been drawing for a while and just named them.

thatgirlkk: Are there any other animated series that you guys really like?
Matt: I like Space Ghost.
Trey: And we were both big Beavis and Butthead fans.
Matt: Loooove Beavis and Butthead.

jen1989: How hard was it doing a movie and southpark?
Matt: Very, very, very, very, very, very hard. It took me three or four months to recover emotionally from doing that movie. One reason it sucked was the stress of doing a movie that you wanted to make good. It takes a long time to do a movie but we were fighting with the studio the whole time about how the movie would be marketed. On top of all that we had the press come out before they'd even see it saying that the movie sucked. it was a pretty stressful time.
Trey: It almost killed me.

Theonlydruid: are there any plans for any more direct parodies, live you've done to Logan's Run, Children of the Corn, and 2001?
Matt: yeah.
Trey: Yeah, we like to do parodies. Usually, parodies are sort of a devious thing to do that's why we only do it once in a while.

donOntario: What was it like working with all the porn stars for Orgazmo?
Trey: They're just people who work harder than most other people we know. And they don't bitch themselves as much as other people in the regular TV business.

Miyaki-San: Hey guys, ever planning to do a special 'last episode' that features the fate of every South Park kid 25 or so years from now?
Matt: As a matter of fact - yes! that's thinking way too far ahead for us. We just get this weekend figured out and that's as far as we go.

jammachinedj: ever thought of having Mike Judge guest bevis & butthead on South Park?
Trey: We don't want to ruin Beavis and Butthead. Mike's a very cool guy and we like hanging out with him and we're friends but we don't need to fuck that up.

KatyNyo: Who do I have to perform oral sex on at Comedy Central to get "Not Without My Anus" back on the air?
Trey: Dian Bachar. *laughs*
Matt: *laughs* If you produce a picture of that we'll get that fuckin show on the air.

poppyz: Question for Matt: Do you still have NBA aspirations, and which team would you play for? I see you with the Sixers as an asset to Iverson.
Matt: I'm 29 now so I think my NBA days are in my past but mabye I can go on to coach the Denver Nuggets.

FBK: ever seen parkwars?
Trey: Yes, we saw Parkwars and yeah, it's cool.

SouthParkStudios_Host: Thanks for joining us tonight, Matt and Trey. Any closing comments for the fans?

Trey: We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support. We love making South Park and thank you for allowing us to keep making it.
Matt and Trey: Of all the other stuff that we've done: Baseketball, That's My Bush!, etc., there's something weird about South Park fans that people just love in a special way. It's very cool that you allow us to keep making it.